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We are committed to assisting our clients in all aspects of their lives. We specialize in services geared toward people with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide a treatment plan which will allow our clients to function at the highest quality of life possible, with dignity, independence and respect.

Our Story

IMT Associates was founded in 1985 in San Leandro, California.   It is currently owned and operated by founding partner Sharon Toth, LCSW and Meredith Taylor, MFT, who became a partner in 2009. Former founding partner, Fred Isaacs II, Ph.D retired from the company in 2004.

Having previously worked in the public services sector, the founders repeatedly witnessed that elderly and mentally disabled people, despite having a home and financial resources, were being institutionalized because they lacked responsible people to care for them.  Seeing a need to fill this gap, and provide comprehensive services to this growing and aging population, IMT Associates was born.  Mental health expertise played a big role in the client base that we attracted and, over the years, IMT Associates has since become the premier fiduciary company that is known for providing care and attention to those that routinely withdraw from our society from neglect or family disharmony.

Today, IMT has grown into 10 employees whose years of experience contribute to the success of our client’s lives.  In our portfolio of client assets, we manage over $45,000,000 in cash and securities and $13,000,000 in real properties.  Our referrals come from the best Trust and Estate Planning attorneys and professionals in the Bay Area because they have confidence in our skills and abilities in effectively dealing with their valued clients and our ongoing commitment to them.

Our Philosophy

Each of our clients is special and we recognize that every situation is unique. We create an individualized plan for services with each new client to create a relationship based on meeting their needs and goals.


We are dedicated to providing lifelong care and assistance to our clients. Providing consistency, stability and balance to those with chronic deficits or disorders is essential in maintaining someone in the community. We are committed to seeing IMT’s original vision and continued goals far into the future.


IMT believes it is absolutely necessary to coordinate services among doctors, nurses, attorneys, tax preparers, financial planners and government agencies in order to enhance the client’s quality of life. We position ourselves as the primary advisor in order to keep the client’s medical and financial affairs on track. We also work closely with family members to ensure ongoing communication and crisis prevention


Families and caregivers face a number of complex medical, legal and financial decisions in attempting to help their loved ones. Many times those important decisions are made in desperation during moments of crisis without completely understanding the potential consequences. IMT Associates has extensive experience in dealing with difficult problems and situations. We assess the need for services and then directly provide them or arrange for them. In our experience, thoughtful planning is necessary to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

What Does IMT Stand For?

Frequently we are asked what IMT stands for. Simply stated, IMT represents the initials of our founding partners back in 1985.