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IMT Associates offers a full range of fiduciary services including Trust Management, Probate and LPS Conservatorship, Estate Administration, Guardian ad Litem, Case Management and Power of Attorney for Finances and Health Care.  We also offer Consultation services to families and their attorneys during the Estate Planning Process.


Probate & Estate Administration

We are often named in a person’s will or appointed by the court to act as Executor or Administrator of a decedent’s estate. This is a court supervised process and can be very intimidating to the non-professional. We take charge and marshal the assets, do an inventory and appraisal, prepare personal and estate tax returns, pay creditor claims, maintain or sell properties, prepare a court accounting and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries upon court approval.  IMT has extensive experience in probates and will work with your attorney during this difficult time.

Trust Administration

IMT will act as trustee, or successor trustee, for personal trusts including living, testamentary and special needs trusts. We will manage and invest the trust assets according to the terms of the trust and the California Probate Code, while taking into consideration the needs of the trust beneficiaries. Other functions we perform are fiduciary accountings, tax preparation and filing, discretionary distribution requests and record keeping. We also have a wide range of other services that are often needed during the times when a successor trustee is needed during the Grantor’s lifetime including: case management, coordination of home care, medical and psychological treatment, property management and end of life support.

Probate and LPS Conservatorships:

The court will appoint a Conservator of the Person and/or Estate when an individual no longer has the capacity to take care of their own health or financial affairs.  Sometimes family members take on this responsibility without fully understanding the legal issues and personal sacrifices.  IMT is experienced in both probate and mental health (LPS) Conservatorship cases.  We respect the individual in this process and are actively involved in meeting their everyday needs to maintain as much independence as possible.

Case Management:

IMT is often hired by families, trust companies, banks and financial advisors to take care of their elderly, disabled or troubled family members or clients. We perform evaluations of clients and their home environment to determine their specific needs.  When necessary, we find home caregivers or alternative living arrangements through service providers that have a proven track record for high quality and reliable care.   IMT provides daily assistance with managing assets, receiving income, paying bills and account reconciliation. We evaluate and obtain all types of insurance including home, auto, medical and life. We will arrange for medical appointments and regularly consult with medical professionals including doctors, dentists and pharmacies to coordinate services. Often times our clients are eligible for public benefits which can help supplement their income to offset living expenses. We will complete and submit claim applications for Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Medicare and MediCal and, if necessary, we will appeal the denial of benefits. We will act as Representative Payee to ensure that these benefits are utilized appropriately and accurate record keeping is maintained.

Consultation Services:

Both Sharon Toth and Meredith Taylor, offer a wide range of Consultation Services to professionals and families who are in the Estate Planning process. This includes specifically guiding families on future planning for their mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled family members.

Other Services

  • Guardian of the Person and Estate

  • Representative Payee

  • Power of Attorney for Finances or Healthcare

  • Advance Healthcare Agent

  • Guardian ad Litem